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Thanks for all your app reviews over the years! I do read them and it's the most fun part of putting this little trek app up here. Hope to make future app updates as time permits.

* * *

Space... the final frontier.

These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise.

Its continuing mission, to jot down new burdens,

to seek out new meetings and pay the bills.

To organize like no one has before.

* * * * *

Star Trek ToDo List Agenda

* * * * *

Blast away klingons and menial chores in a fun way with a trek themed todo app!

There is an in-app purchase ($2.49) for the ability to change settings from the defaults & extra graphics, but there are no ads or limits otherwise. That's a little steeper price than I would like to set, but believe me there is no fat cat here, mainly this app is created and maintained as a hobby.

Email me if there are any questions or suggestions for new features, or to fix any of the language translations: german, italian and spanish are 'attempted' so far.

Organize well, my friends, and keep trek alive! TOS, TNG, DS9, the new movie stuff, all of them!

Here's a neat site about building a real enterprise.

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Permissions are at the minimum, internet is for voice-to-text (provided by google). Again, there are no ads, tracking or anything that the app does outside the obvious intentions in the screenshots.


* I purchased but the options are still locked, what's wrong?

Please hit the 'Recover unlock' button, it'll work as many times as you need it-change/upgrade phones or anything, the unlock covers all future features & updates too.

For a few people, uninstalling/reinstalling the app has fixed it when it didnt seem to work.

If it doesn't work on your phone, or if you change your mind anytime, email me for a refund (even months after purchase OK). ( <a href=""></a> )

* Google calendar support?

I hope to be able to add it, I haven't figured it out yet

* Landscape mode?

Early design decisions make it hard to add it now.. time permitting, I'd like to rewrite parts of it to support landscape

* Higher resolution graphics?

I plan to add a 1080p option with the next refresh of some of the visuals. Currently app visuals are based on 720p, it should be pretty sharp on phones, but it's not really a tablet app.

Thanks for all the feedback! I try to accommodate everyone's requests

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